Portwest PW98 - Forestry Combi Kit


Professional Combi kit, containing:- Vented ABS safety helmet with wheel ratchet, adjustable size 56-63cm cm (PS55).- High performances ear muffs in ABS material, adjustable in height for better fit (PW47).- Reinforced visor holder and mesh visor (PS58). Head Protection PW rapidly expanding head protection product range aims to benefit our customers by combining the most updated styles and standards in head protection, irrespective of job or location. A wide selection of compatible accessories is also available. A full explanation of features and performances are given in order to help you make a more informed choice. PPE Portwest Head PPE range applies the latest standards to deliver the highest level of protection. Comfortable and lightweight, the PPE range will ensure a pleasant wear, even for long periods of use. Your safety is our mission. Standards ANSI/ISEA Z87 .1 ((visor holder + mesh visor)) ANSI S3.19 ((Ear Muff)) ANSI/ISEA Z89.1 TYPE I (Class C) EN 352-3 EN 1731 (F) EN 397 (-30°C/+50°C, LD) F