Welding Helmet with Air Purifying Respirator Auto Darkening Shade 5-8 & 9-13


PAPR (Powered Air-Purifying System) with Auto Darkening Welding Helmet. • Highly efficient filter captures hazardous dust, mists and fumes. • Lithium battery powered blower unit gives the user a cooling stream of air to their head and face for up to 8 hours. • Features a loud audible and visual alarm to alert user of low battery/low air. • The welding helmet has adjustable shade control from 9-13. • Fully automatic switching from light to dark on striking arc. • Additional shades 5-8 for gas welding/cutting. • Solar panel power supply. • Features sensitivity and delay controls for switching light to dark. • Contoured design helmet with adjustable headband for added comfort. • Suitable for MIG, TIG and arc welding. • Complies with BS EN 379, BS EN 175 and DIN standards.